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Cd 10  is in the first place for the traditional class. However there stands up much music which could be especially for the point class. For this case the music has been thought traditionally.

The music has been played "à l'improviste" such as that also happens during the class.

The melodies are simple bilded and regularly and clear phrased. Because of this the specific tracks can be also frequently used for other exercises.

The grand pas on this cd lasts almost 5 minutes!At the end of the class it is possible, without break, to dance truth, also with larger groups.


1. Plié
2. Tendu lent
3. Tendu
4. Jeté
5. Jeté #2
6. Retiré
7. Ronds de jambe (avec ports de bras)
8. Frappé
9. Fondu
10. Petits battements
11. Stretch
12. Ports de bras
13. Grands battements

En milieu
14. Temps lié
15. Temps lié #2
16. Adagio

Les sauts
17. 16 sauts
18. Petit Allegro

En Diagonale
19. Pas de valse
20. Grand pas
21. Révérence

22. Adagio #2
23. En relevé
24. Tendu #2
25. Petits battements #2
26. Piqué (en tournent)
27. Pas de valse #2
28. Grands battements

It can take some time before the fragment starts!