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The most beautiful and famous adagio's
The most beautiful and famous adagio's now on one CD. Rearranged and played with modern instruments.
It's lovely and quiet music in order to relax, meditate or chill. Nice as background at a dinner party.
The CD can be used for many other applications such as in waiting rooms (tooth) physicians, hospitals, etc. etc.
For example also as background for TV documentaries. Like all other CDs from us, he is totaly free from all rights.
For ballet schools looking for a beautiful adagio for a performance, this CD is certainly a godsend. When warming up for the lesson he will certainly fulfill and he brings your pupils or students in the right mood for the ballet class.
In short, he can be used for many purposes but especially to enjoy!


1. Concerto for piano-Mozart
2. Pavane-Faure
3. Ave Maria-Schubert
4. Air-Bach
5. Nocturne-Chopin
6. Adagio-Albinoni
7. Le Cygne-Saint Saens
8. Concerto for clarinet-Mozart
9. Adagio-Beethoven
10. Siciliano-Bach
11. Pavane pour une infante défunte-Ravel
12. Meditation-Massenet

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